About Faculty of Psychology

Vision, Mission Faculty of Psychology


Becoming a Faculty of Psychology with global competitiveness in 2026 for the realization of people's welfare based on national pluralism and Islamic values.


1. Developing the best knowledge and expertise in research-based psychology in Indonesia.
2. Develop high-level psychological sciences based on a comprehensive understanding of the reality of problems in Indonesia.
3. Developing the integration of psychological sciences, especially areas of specialization such as educational psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and psychometrics with excellent, competitive and productive behaviour as well as Islamic characteristics, both in research and development and in the application of psychology.


The goals of organizing the Faculty of Psychology is “Producing graduates who are superior, competitive, and productive and have Islamic character, both in research and development and application of psychology.”. Excellence can mean more than others, primary, possessing excellence, strength, and quality. Competitive means being able to compete. Productive is defined as being able to produce continue, can be used regularly, and provide benefits. Islamic Characters refers to the moral values inherent in a person based on Islamic values which are based on the meanings contained in the Islamic teachings. contained in nash Al-Quran.
Thus, the Faculty of Psychology is planned to carry out a quality learning process, supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure to produce human resources who have competitiveness in the field of Psychology. With this excellence, the Faculty of Psychology is directed to become a leading educational institution in the implementation of education, research, and service aimed at the welfare of the people. This also means that all human resources produced have high competitiveness and continuously produce meaningful work for the welfare of the people and are supported by noble morals from Islamic universality values by paying attention to local cultural values and tolerating diversity. local culture and tolerating diversity. Graduates of the Faculty of Psychology are graduates who have strong competencies so that they are able to compete and be accepted, therefore they can provide benefits to the surrounding community. (ummah) and have akhlakul karimah which is wrapped up and reflected in their daily behavior.


"Psychology for a Better Life"