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The Faculty of Psychology of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta currently has two study programs, namely the Bachelor of Psychology Study Program with a study period of 8 semesters and the Master of Psychology Study Program with a study period of 4 semesters. semester. Especially for the Master of Science in Psychology Study Program, it consists of 3 specializations namely Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Educational Psychology and Psychometrics. The curriculum used by the Faculty of Psychology UIN Jakarta is the SN Dikti Curriculum and AP2TPi (Association of Indonesian Psychology Higher Education Providers).

Accreditation for the undergraduate psychology study program is ”A” while the Master of Psychology currently has Accreditation ” B ”. Study programs in the faculty of psychology have advantages in the fields of Islamic Psychology and Psychometrics which characterize and distinguish it from other Faculties of Psychology in Indonesia.

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Faculty of Psychology